Horror pc games list

horror pc games list

Hier kommen die besten Horror Spiele. Unsere Nummer Das hierzulande eher unbekannte Project Zero, das in den USA unter dem sehr viel passenderen. So here are the best horror games available on PC. only briefly in horror, but more than earns its place in this list with one of the creepiest. Don't be ashamed to curl up in a ball in the corner. These PC horror games will scare the pants off of even hardened gamers. You choose one of three characters, each with their own mysterious past. Vanish herunterladen Mac '; cbGallery Beyond the dirty, putrefied atmosphere, Pathologic is also weird and theatrical, frequently breaking the fourth wall and questioning your role as the player. Not only are the splicers themselves a chest-tightening terror in their own right, with their mad muttering and screaming, frenzied attacks, but the entire ecosystem of Bioshock is a grotesque and unending horror show. Gleichzeitig wehren Sie die Gefahren ab, die von wilden Tieren und anderen Überlebenden ausgehen. I'm right behind you, I swear. Its popularity encouraged Blue Isle studios and Parsec productions to create a prettier version called Slender: One particular run-in with a certain unhinged doctor stands to mind as a highlight, so too does its Whistleblower expansion. Outlast offers a first-person trek through a setting literally no one in real life would willingly check out. It's as smart as it is scary. Sacred Line herunterladen Mac. When the game forces you into the vents and you can hear the creature in there with you, Isolation becomes one of the scariest games ever made. Or any other game with unrestricted PvP The pretense of zombies is there but they are a joke. Clockwork - Three Tapes. The giant spiders are hideous and the relentless threat of the mansion's zombie population grinds down your spirit and your health bar. As traditional a shooter as they come, the focus here is on a rapidly escalating armoury of weapons with which to slaughter an army of hell demons, upside-down baby-face spiders and weird alien-bears. We've been brave so you don't have to and waded through the uncomfortable tepid seas of horror - no, don't think about what you just stood on - to find the ultimate terrifying experiences. Microsoft Windows , Mac OS , Browser. Mask of the Lunar Eclipse. Its always nice when the intense experience is backed up by a plot thats deeper than survive.

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The 12 best horror games on PC horror pc games list The motion tracker can help you to avoid its grasp, but it can sense the sound, and even the gentle green light of its screen, making every glance a risk. Sie wachen zunächst auf einem Parkplatz vor einem Park auf. Dead Space's high concept, back in the first game, was that you're a simple engineer tending to a broken ship, rather than horror pc games list meaty space marine with miniguns coming out of his chest. Zwar nehmen Sie Ihre Umgebung schemenhaft wahr, aber auch andere, unheimliche Dinge tablet kostenlos testen in Ihr Bewusstsein. Are the indelible apparitions, shifting room structures, eerie noises and startling visions real—or are they a result of the protagonist's descent into madness? Isolation's tense survival gameplay keeps the dinosaurierpark pounding for hours and hours. Unfortunately, this is a bit of a buyer-beware situation, as the version of the game on Steam is exceedingly buggy and crash-prone.

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PlayStation 2 , Playstation Network. Isolation , which pursued the survival horror mood of the original film instead of the action-packed plot of Aliens. Though the sequel pulled back on the scares somewhat in favor of cinematic action, the original remains trapped in our nightmares. Clock Tower video game. Right up there with HAL in the soothingly voiced yet subtly evil computer stakes, she torments and tricks the player endlessly, transforming an already terrifying survival RPG into an isolationist horror classic. ActionGoreGewaltretro. You won't find scripted jump scares. Dabei sind Sie nur mit einer Taschenlampe bewaffnet. Top-Amazon-Gutscheine Gutscheine für Saturn Cyberport-Gutscheincodes Notebooksbilliger. SCP - Containment Breach herunterladen. Frictional draw on all of their experience creating atmospheric, exploratory horror in the Penumbra series to fill Amnesia's fortress with an oppressive and lingering sense of foreboding. Aktuelle Modelle im Test Elite Dangerous im PS4-Test:

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